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Discussing Crown Your Customer on KTN

I will be on KTN’s Enterprise Kenya programme on Tuesday 21 July at 7.35 pm, discussing my book, Crown Your Customer. The programme is repeated on Saturday 25 July at 4.00 pm.

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  • Ochieng’ Oreyo


    This is a good one for finding time to put ideas in the book into context for the viewer. But, Sunny, would it be possible that after the talk you do a piece on the insights that could come out of the TV discussion for people who would miss the two chances?

    E. O. Oreyo

  • Ochieng’

    No, I draw the line at writing a blog that discusses a TV show that discusses a book! Let everyone do it the old-fashioned way, and just read the book and draw their own conclusions!

  • David Njuguna

    Have you considered including a podcast on your website for those not able to watch the programme on KTN?

    David Njuguna

  • David:

    Sadly, not possible right now. But I hope to introduce such features on this website in the near future.