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  • Steve Peifer


    You are my hero. I am very grateful for this site. Would you mind if I mentioned it to my email list? I have 1400 people I write to, and I would love them to discover the most important writer in Kenya.

  • Archie

    Congrats Sunny….It’s wonderful to note the launch of your web site, and beautiful to read the ever informative, inspiring and intriguing articles from Kenya, all the way in the outback of Australia. Well done and good luck.


  • A Kokonya

    Just wanted to say your articles are great! Keep it up.

  • Yusuf Mohamed.

    Somebody show me a writer better than Bindra. You make me buy the SUNDAY NATION, other reasons come a distant second. You are a star.

  • Sanjeev Parmar

    Dear Sunny,

    I am a keen reader of your articles, and also a strong anti-hunting lobbyist. I was delighted with today’s article – The equating of the tea bushes/opium with wildlife viewing/hunting was so spot-on, I was bowled over.

    Well done, and I am glad you are on our side.

  • Tony Muchugi Kamau

    Power of the pen seen clearly at work.

    How can we lobby the Sunday Nation editor to allow you to have the entire page???

    Keep on…keeping on.

    Tony. Nairobi Kenya.

  • Jimmy Mbogori

    Congratulations on the website. With such insigthful and inspiring articles your legion of fans will just keep growing…….

  • Robert Kagundah


    Congratulations on the new web-site! Your articles are very thought provoking, intensely refreshing and highly entertaining! Sunwords is a great platform and I will spread the word to my contacts in the Diaspora and beyond!

    Best wishes!

    Robert Kagundah

  • Allan Mukabi

    The website is GREAT.
    Great ideas.
    Keep it up Bindra

  • Ngigi Nganga

    Excellent work with your articles! I wonder whether decision makers in the Kenyan government have what it takes to implement some of the ideas you briliantly put across. Keep it up!

  • Gatheru

    Truly African, you touch on the very issues that we encounter daily here in Africa. Please allow me to congratulate you because I can now read these articles with my friends here in Beira, Mozambique.

  • Abdallah Gunda

    Dear Sunny,

    I am a Tanzanian but have been reading your articles in the Sunday Nation for the past three years. You are the guru when it comes to writing.
    I would also want to be a writer, especially on socio-economic issues.
    Please advise me Sunny.

  • Mohammed Hersi

    Dear Sunny,


    It took me a while to vist your website but I never miss your column in the Sunday Nation.

    You are a gem and I wish you the best of health as each week you pen your great thoughts. I pray hard that one day the goverment of the day will give the opportunity to the enterprising Asian community to head some of the organs of our economy. They should be allowed to make polices as they have excelled in private businesses, if Kenya is ever to take off

    South Africa and neighbouring Tanzania have done that and the results are evident.

    Keep on writing, Sunny


  • Robert Mugo

    Dear Sunny,

    Well done for launching your website. You have a great writing style. Now your candid and insipiring articles will be within easy reach.

    Keep them coming.

  • Dear Sir,

    I make sure I buy the Sunday Nation and read your column. I love your articles.

    Thanks a Bunch!

    Mufaddal Mohamed

  • kip

    Hi Sunny
    Don’t know if you remember me but I once fixed your internet access when you lived in Westlands, way back in 2003 with Wananchi Online… and also set you up some domain names? I like your articles .. Since moved and now in TX..

    Nice blog..

  • Like your articles. Keep it up.

  • Patrick Gitau

    The first thing I look for when I log on is A Sunny Day; never misses unless my internet is playing up. May I commend you for your good work,; some of the things you write really make me sit up and think. I shed a tear sometimes because they are so true. If our only our leaders could read what you write – but then do they have any conscience anyway? Kenya needs people like you, Sunny, to tell it as it is. Keep up the good work.

  • Karemandiu

    I always look forward to your Sunday article in the Nation. I find your articles incisive and thought-provoking as well as witty…and now that I’ve found Sunwords I look forward to reading and commenting.

  • Your articles are above par. Keep it up Bindra, I think you are one of the very few writers in the world with their stories online.
    Keep it up, you are an inspiration to many!

  • nashir alibhai

    Excellent website. Keep it up.

  • Great site, and even more content than in the Nation. Keep it up


    Hey BIG BRO!

    Am so proud!!

  • Sunny,

    I studied Literature & Philosophy at the university, and you know what? Your take on issues is sagacious. I wish we could have a one-to-one chat. (Just a wish!).

    Keep on fertilizing our hungry minds.

  • Wangui Munyua

    Sunny, this is absolutely delicious material. You are an inspiration and may the richness of your mind continue to feed our passions and aspirations

  • Hey Sunny,
    The most amazing thing in your articles– after your witty writing style– is the great sense of patriotism so implicitly explicit therein. I read your articles with a keen mind and I must say that they are not only intellectually provocative but also inspirational.

    Creme de la creme blog! For a man of your standing, you are truely a vanguard of Afro-optimism for embracing this new alternative medium.

    Shine on!

  • Elly

    Hi-I might live in the desert where papers come the next day or don’t at all……….lakini ur stuff is off the hizi!

    I read old articles and I must say am proud to say that I do admire you!

    Thanks for the articles; my Sundays are much richer!

  • Jeremani

    I’ve tried to post comments (back when you started this blog), but the system kept ‘timing out’, so got a bit deterred.

    Otherwise, I’ve never missed any of your articles. It is also encouraging to have a progressive educational Kenyan blog – majority of Kenyan blogs happen to be ad hominem, moronic and tribal trolls.

  • Paul Musee

    Hi Sunny,
    Your articles are as sunny as your name.
    Keep it up and encourage more people to read and write.

  • Hi Sunny, your articles are very interesting. Recently we had a hot and candid bar room debate on whether the present govt’s achievements were truly national development or mere housekeeping done well. What is your take on this debate?


    Well, but do I say….your articles are very good, you tackle issues by thinking outside the box. Please keep it up.

    Just a challenge to you: do you ensure that the main decision-makers, especially in government, get to see the way managing well could propel this country to greater heights? And how acting on the questions and issues you raise could make a positive difference to the lives of the people of Kenya?

  • ken nyaga

    Sunny, to me you are a portable library. Your articles keep me informed and are a source of reference. Keep it up.

  • Silapei

    Hey Sunny,
    Am a student at USIU.
    Am not a book person, but thanks for the book!! It’s portable, with excellent lessons for everyone and very real!!!
    Thanks for the articles too. Keep up the good work and all the best!!!

  • wycliffe o. mogeni

    You inspire many people to write. I admire your articles a lot. Website is appealing.

  • Michael Muriithi chomba

    I must say, I really appreciate your work Sunny, and with every day I look forward to learn more of your opinions regarding the daily happenings. Thanks for the good work.

  • Ibrahim

    Your column is one of my favourites. You really inspire people. Keep up the good work


    Sunny, i simply can’t get enough of your articles. I am a self-confessed Bindraholic! While other writers age like milk, you age like wine. I am an undergrad student in Moi Uni pursuing a B Sc degree in Entrepreneurship and your articles make a joke of the big textbooks i read in campus! God bless you magnanimously.

  • Kenn G Munyeki

    You are a cut above the best. A true sage.

  • Nice work can’t really compare you to any body, when it comes to the TRUTH!!!!!! cool website too!


    Hi Sunny, bravo for your articles which are very interesting, intriguing and thought provoking. You are one of the finest and most refined jounalists of our times… a rare pedigree!

  • I would also like to give you congratulations on the incisive articles you write. It sounds to me like a teacher giving me a piece of advice on how I should be when I go out of college. It gives you some energy to go an extra mile from where you were stuck. Keep the beautiful work up to see whether it can change our country Kenya, and it will change.

  • Sunny, congratulations on reaching a milestone: 400 articles! Well done.

  • Samuel Ndirangu

    You are just stupendous. Just was wondering whether you would ever consider taking up a public appointment if offered. Another note don’t spoil Kenyans’ party over Obama this weekend. Sure apart from inspiration there are no other goodies-we dont deserve it even, but let Kenyans enjoy.Next week you can give them the reality check.

  • hi sunny excellent work, i’ve become an addict of reading your articles, you are really an inspiration to me as a student.keep up!!

  • Sam Some

    Hi Bindra,
    I am Network Marketer,I don’t miss your sanguine articles in our dailies.You are an inspiration to my type – the next generation of bussiness millionaires.Please sir, could you be having any article written on the subject:Multilevel Marketing?Let me have a copy.many thanks!

  • moha

    am waiting for the next sunday to grab a copy of the sunday nation to read your article.
    you inspire me

  • Hi there Sunny,

    We’re REALLY looking forward to the Tea Break session with you this Wednesday, February 24th, at Kencom House.

    Why have you disappeared from the Business Daily (since February 15th)?

    Caroline – a big fan.

  • Jonah Odongo

    Hi sunny, I read your article sometime back about customer care in our public transport industry. I wish people read these articles you write, we’d have a more ethical, and a morally upright society, and business environment. Keep it up Sunny, continue inspiring us.

  • sunita

    Hi Sunny,

    I have been reading your articles every Sunday! The article in Today 18th April is one I have experienced in an Italian Restaurant in Mombasa…… the same shrug! I do hope the message gets across!
    I started reading your articles when I happened to read about the example you had given on the Upnishads in one of your articles……….. ” The body is like a Chariot drawn by five powerful horses” since then have enjoyed your Sunwords! Waiting for next Sunday!

  • MaryAnne Mwaura

    Hi Sunny, really like this new look. Its in my favorite colour. It is well organised, easy to navigate and has a more cleaner, fresher look. Well done! Looking forward to more musings:-) Your fan, MaryAnne

  • arthur kiarie

    I`ve always longed for the sunday paper so that i read sunny words. I recently subscribed to your articles so that i may get them online. The articles are always so helpful to me being new in a customer service related business. Thanks so much and looking forward to read more from you.

  • I really enjoyed your article of last Sunday on recognizing and supporting those with talents especially youths,am one of the a young upcoming freelance journalist but i lack exposure ,i do photography,video shooting and editing and some article writing and report to Daily Nation AND STANDARD paper.Am looking for a media house or company to intern and explore my skills to realize my potential but all is in vain.Please help,advise me on the way forward.Nice day .KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB.

  • Henry Nyawanda

    Merry Christmas Sunny.
    I would like to thank you for continuously and with great clarity,expressing and supporting the importance of simply doing the right thing.
    I am one of the millions( i hope),who share your views.
    More grease to your elbow Sunny!

  • Henry:

    That’s very nice to hear. I hope there are many millions more who feel the same way. We must fight back.


    Since when is misleading customers a winning strategy?
    this question should be posed to the management at Airtel.
    Club 10 promises free calls all night and free sms all day for ten shillings. try it at your own risk!
    Zawadi points there customer loyalty programme is a white Elephant.
    Airtel Hello tunes is being imposed on customers unwillingly and there hard earned money is taken for a service not requested and to add salt to injury you end up with a tune that disgust your callers rather than entertain them

  • Ernest Kong’ani

    I enjoy your column and I have bought and enjoyed reading your book. Here is my campaign which newspaper editors have ignored:


    I am saddened by the carnage on our roads. The latest carnage is just the limit! Good people, does this country have a government or not?

    I will come to the point. Switch off lunatic express and start with the 14 seaters. Cancel all driving licences starting with mine! Let all drivers go back to driving school and let the tests be administered by AA. We have new roads which we have to learn how to use! We cannot afford to continue with the old bad manners as we all know that most of the licences out there were issued in the bar and vehicle inspections done in the same way? Let us wake up. Why are we running around like headless chicken?? Mbona tunaishi kama wajinga na Mungu alituumba na akili???

    Nipeni jibu!!!
    Will you help?

  • sarah

    Hi Sunny ,very enlightening article for this Sunday ,I have had issues with entrepreneurs of hospitals ,who continue opening new branches while the parent hospitals are still lacking in the very basics like information systems ,basic equipment ,up to date human resource management systems ,but surprisingly some how they survive . Most probably because they are serving uninformed clientele .But what today’s article speaks clearly is many times we aspire for bigger in future while not exploring our full potential at present.

  • Raymond Kirundi

    Thanks for your washroom cleanliness article,am smiling at a tender notice from KAA for the refurbishment of washrooms at JKIA departures! They are listening

  • Evans Mugwe

    First off, i just want to thank you for tirelessly pointing out the numerous flaws and problems afflicting Kenyan society as well as proffering fantastic solutions in your typically articulate fashion. I’m especially partial to your editorials on leadership and sensibility. I really look forward to the day when Kenyans will truly appreciate and embrace virtues of humility, honesty, integrity and selflessness. Lastly, i must point out that i was thoroughly impressed by that piece on the Swiss Foreign Minister……………………sadly i must admit, that i will most probably not witness such humility in Kenya during my lifetime.

  • Betty


    Many thanks for your column today; the cause-and-effect oversimplification reminds me of the concept of “heuristics” or mental shortcuts taken to arrive at a conclusion. One graduated from a top school and is therefore intelligent, or belongs to a certain ethnicity or race and is thus wealthy, or practices a certain religion thus has terrorist leanings…

    Sunny, you write very well and very thoughtfully. I don’t want to overturn everything you’ve pointed out in your article today but can you offer any ideas for the starter-writer? (Sorry if it’s been asked and re-asked already. Feel free to direct me to a previous article or blog post).

    Thank you,

    • Betty:

      It’s asked so often that I should probably do a long post or column on it…coming soon, maybe…

      • Betty

        Watching this space…

  • grace

    Hi. Love your no nonsense articles. I cut them out and post them on my wall outside my business premises. I see lots of people reading them.