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What #TwitterBigStick is, and which organizations have responded

#TwitterBigStick is a hashtag that escalates bad service and bad behaviour by organizations. Thousands have used it to give instant feedback on poor experiences and neglect. It give ordinary people a voice and an instantaneous way of channelling feedback constructively. Ignoring #TwitterBigStick can lead to a severe reputation battering, often in a few hours of retweeting.

#TwitterBigStick is a crowd-sourced initiative that is run and governed by the crowd. It tries to stay entirely neutral and has no vested interests whatsoever. There is no attempt to profit from this endeavor, and there should be none in future. It has been initiated for the general good, because ordinary people are fed up of neglect and of being taken for granted as customers and users. Tweets and retweets are entirely voluntary, and people join in when they feel they want to. There is no central plan here – it’s just a hashtag.

#TwitterBigStick has a more pleasant twin: #TwitterThumbsUp. It tags praise and commendations for organizations and individuals doing the right things, and doing them well.

#TwitterBigStick is trying to keep this feedback clean and genuine. As with any crowd-sourced initiative, abuses will no doubt occur. It is for the collective to decide what is credible and what is not, and what complaints to support by replying, mentioning or retweeting. There is no central authority of any sort.

#TwitterBigStick is being supported daily by leading social media influencers and journalists (as well as some CEOs!).

#TwitterBigStick is currently aimed at organizations with a brand to manage and a reputation to protect. It puts the spotlight on any failures in their service delivery and corporate behavior, as highlighted by their customers and users.

#TwitterBigStick has been discussed in the media in several countries, including the BBC World Service, the UK Guardian and Ventures Africa.

#TwitterBigStick is being used in Rwanda and Seychelles as well.

Many organizations have responded positively to online complaints and have engaged with the idea, seeing it as a valuable real-time feedback tool. Despite their positive engagement, they too will stay on the radar.

To date, organizations that have responded with promises to address issues include:

The United Nations
British High Commission Kenya
DHL Kenya
KCB Group
Safaricom Ltd
Airtel Kenya
Orange Kenya
Yu Kenya
Bata Kenya
BM Security
Strathmore University
Kianda Foundation
Riara Schools
Kenya Railways
DSTv Kenya
Braeburn Schools
Wells Fargo Kenya
Regent Management
Nation Media Group
The Mortgage Company
Kenya Airways
Nairobi Water
Kenya Bus
Cube Movers
Sarova Hotels
KAPS Parking
Pewin Taxis
Jim Cabs
Focus Cab
Coca-Cola International
Standard Chartered Bank

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  • Caxton

    Corporate companies with integrated systems will find that social bites are enormous and require quicker response.In every sector where customer service is key we always fill customer feedback form and find that they do not reach the designed destination hence the service remains poor.Twitter big stick and twitter thumbs up will ensure corporates put their customer service,products and Service level agreement in order.We are moving real time systems and they should embrace it.

  • The Twitter big stick and twitter thumbs are turning out to be a good HR tool for companies not living in denial. Workers like drivers etc who dont follow company policy are being watched miles away from the office. Kudos!

  • Leonard

    Nice….you’ve just give voice to the voiceless

  • Dear Sunny
    We publish here in Kigali a free quarterly magazine that addresses issues on customer service & business development. It aims at educating and sensitizing our readers. We do appreciate very much what in being done in Kenya with TwitterBigStick and would like to invite Rwandans to join the mouvement. It is for this reason that we seek your permission to publish one of your articles on your website in our next issue. The title is “What #TwitterBigStick is”.

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