The Peculiar KenyanIf there’s one thing I can confirm after a lifetime of watching my fellow Kenyans and recording their behaviour, it is this: we are indeed peculiar.  VERY peculiar.  The odd, the strange, the eccentric and the outright bizarre are often very much the norm here.  This has given me access to a huge pool of material for my column.  Over the years, I have taken great pleasure in placing my tongue firmly in my cheek and writing about peculiar Kenyans.  Which means most of us.
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Crown Your CustomerCROWN YOUR CUSTOMER is a short, punchy polemic by Sunny Bindra about the state of customer service in Kenya, and what to do about it.

Published by Storymoja and available in bookshops across Kenya from October 2007.

“Sunny Bindra is the columnist with a difference; when he writes, you are advised to read.” Zeph Mbugua, Chairman, East African Cables.

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